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Hi! My name is Denise Willis and I started my dog training journey back in 2001 after my 1-year-old lovable 110 lb lug of shepherd dragged me down an icy sidewalk to chase a cat (or something...I never saw what it was) and injured me. I got him trained fairly quickly, nostalgia set in and I got a puppy. Using the same training techniques wasn't working on my puppy and I was stumped. We went back into training and my trainer soon to be mentor had me teach him a completely different way. Turned out my puppy had a completely different thinking process than my older dog and needed a different approach.

**MIND BLOWN** I had no idea dog training was so multifaceted. From there started the exploration of all things dog. I've had some incredible mentors, worked with some of the brightest brains in animal behavior, and am constantly learning from every dog I train and every client I teach. I compete with my dogs in various sports, enjoy lazy downtime with them but mostly I just really enjoy watching their clownish personalities shine.

I am a proud member of the American Working Malinois Association and I have successfully competed in national and international sports trials including Schutzhund/IPO, Mondio Ring, and AKC Competitive obedience.  

OWNER: Denise Willis


Chewy, the dog who started my dog training journey. Always in my heart my baby boy RIP 2002-2009

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Using our dog training service, we will teach your dog where they are the most comfortable…your home. Dogs will display their best (and worst ) behavior in your home, your neighborhood and common areas where you take them like a park or neighborhood pet store.

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Need a phone consultation or an evaluation?

Phone consultations are great as an ‘initial interview’. We will discuss what behaviors your dog is expressing, what your training goals are, and I can give you a rough plan on how I would address them through training. If you like the plan I’m laying out then we can schedule a date and time to begin training or I may request an evaluation so that I can have a closer look at your dog.

Evaluations are where I go to your home and we have a face to face discussion about your dog and your goals. Evaluations are helpful if your dog has extreme behavior, have a unique living situation, want me to see first hand the behavior your dog displays or your just more comfortable talking face to face. The cost of an evaluation is $100.

If you proceed with training the $100 gets rolled into the overall fee. There is no obligation to proceed with training from an evaluation.