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Denise Willis Dog Training Offers a Comprehensive Kick Start Training for Your Dogs

With the advent of Covid, we noticed a change in dogs coming in for our board and trains. What used to take dogs a few days to get used to new surroundings was now taking way longer. It took us some time to figure it out but then we had our 'Ohhhhhh I get it now' moment....before Covid, most dogs were used to owner's being out of the house, being dropped off for boarding during vacations, and basically not being attached to their owner's hip 24/7.

After COVID, well....the world shut down and everybody was sheltering in place. All a dog saw was their owner for months on end and having a drastic change moving into someone else's home was too stressful for some. To adapt to this new world, we developed an all-in-one program that takes the best of the board and train experience (the convenience and relief of having a qualified professional train your dog for you) with our in-home private lessons (working in and around your home environment) to Kick Start your dog's training journey!

This is a great option for dogs (minimum 6 months of age) who don't necessarily need or qualify for a board and train program but whose owners are too busy/stressed/frustrated/over it to dedicate to foundation training but can maintain the post-training.

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    Kick Start Program

    What we do
    We combined the best of our board and train and in-home private training and packaged it for dogs with special requirements.

    Kick Start I

    Cost: $1600.00 A trainer will come to your home for 5 days for a 1-hour session each day and train your dog in your home, neighborhood, and local parks. On the 6th day, you get a lesson working on the behaviors you want to be addressed, and a 2 week follow up lesson. And because we're hella picky about training equipment, all equipment is included in our Kick Start package (because it's already been tested by our dogs, and if those savages approve then we do too😉).

    Kick Start II

    Cost: $900.00 KSII is a continuation of training adding more distractions, distances, and time. Prior enrollment in KSI is a prerequisite for KSII.

    Kick Start III

    Cost: $500.00 KSIII is heading into off-leash freedom! KSI and KSII are prerequisites for enrollment in KSIII.

          Paisley learning to not be an "affection bully" during storytime. 

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