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It’s time for an expert dog trainer in Baltimore MD. For most of us, when we get a dog, we have an image in our mind of how great life is going be: playing fetch, strolling down the street enjoying a lovely day, nighttime cuddles on the sofa watching your favorite show, a happy face when you get home no matter how dark your day was….it’s gonna be great!

And then reality happens….your dog’s favorite game is running away and having you chase them, and you have arms of steel from water skiing behind your dog who is dragging you to another dog, a person, a tree, a squirrel, etc.

Your favorite show gets interrupted because your dog needs your attention NOW, or strangers are walking past the house, and the world needs to know this!

You brace yourself before you walk through the door to endure the love mauling you’re about to get, not to mention what happens when guests come to the house. I have plenty more examples, but I hope you get the picture that you’re not alone.

Most owners I’ve spoken to are at their wit’s end, not understanding how to communicate their needs to their dog. They give them the best food, plenty of exercise, enough toys for 100 dogs, lots of love, all the things a dog could ever need, and still, their dog continues with frustrating, sometimes dangerous shenanigans. It makes for a very unbalanced relationship.

Thus, my motto ‘Better Relationships from Better Communication.’ The more black and white you make things, the easier it is for your dog to understand and follow through. It really is that simple (most of the time).

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    Here at Denise Willis Dog Training, we are ready to help you with your dog training needs.  Here is a partial list of the services that we provide:

    Highly-Reviewed Dog Trainer Baltimore MD

    It would help if you worked with an expert dog trainer with training techniques and styles compatible with your dog’s temperament. Every dog is dissimilar, and every dog will have a different reaction to specific training approaches. Your professional dog trainer should be versatile.

    Dog training is both a talent and a skill. A trainer’s measure should not be determined by how long she has been in the profession, but rather a dog trainer should be judged by past actions and successes in the dog training arena. Your expert dog trainer should be experienced and knowledgeable.

    We will work with you and your dog to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations to become your favorite dog trainer in Baltimore MD.

    Denise is absolutely amazing! My new pup has learned so much from her, as have I. She is very informative and taught me so many things I can do at home to continue training my dog. I can’t believe how much progress my dog has made in such a short amount of time. Definitely recommend! J. Kolb
    Absolutely worth every cent and second! After trying a few different methods, including positive reinforcement training, and many months of trying to train my reactive dog, I was about to admit defeat and even, very briefly, considered re-homing him. I decided to call Denise. I am so glad I did. Joe Puggle and I worked hard and it has paid off. Denise is a very balanced trainer and focuses on setting boundaries and helping owners understand their own and their dog's body language. I never thought I would be able to take my dog to Patterson Park on a Saturday morning or even walk with other dogs in the neighborhood - now it is a reality! We are both so much happier and better bonded.Susan W.

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